My name is Esben von Ullbæk Bundgaard-Jørgensen Selvig, but most people call me Dansken.

I am a creative writer, musician and TV-presenter. I was brewed in Denmark and bottled in Norway. Oslo is my current location.

I have a great team of skilled professionals at hand, for projects that demand more than my attention alone. Even though that should cover most.



Over the past 15 years I have been involved in several musical projects. Both as an artist with my bands and as writer and composer of songs for TV-series and motion pictures in Norway and Denmark. Check out my band Klovner I Kamp if you want to know more about what I do after hours.


For the past 8 years I have created content for television, both as concept developer, copywriter and presenter. I have hosted 3 seasons of "Dansken og Fingern" and been judging talent in the Norwegian TV-show "Idol" for two seasons.


I write for television, advertising, newspapers, magazines or publishers. But mostly for my own well being.


Want to say hello, hire my guns - or have me rule your country? Please contact me by mail below. If you want med to host an event or a show, please contact my agent Harald Dal at www.pullman.as.